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CDM engineer teaches second graders about leverage and simple machines

Outside the Box – Juliann Talkington

Pulley Demo

On Monday, November 19, David Kozan, Senior Project Engineer with CDM, spent his lunch hour at the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club. But instead of hopping on a sailboat for a spin around the bay, he reinforced the science and engineering principles of levers and pulleys for Ms. Wu’s second grade class at the Panama City Renaissance School. Mr. Kozan designed a number of hands-on experiments and demonstrations to reinforce the concepts the children learned in the classroom . The demonstrations and experiments included lifting a heavy bucket by hand and with a pulley, by hand and in a wheelbarrow, and by hand and with 4×4 fence post that was used as a lever. The children learned first hand how leverage makes it possible to lift heavier items more easily and also observed how a set-up of pulleys could make it relatively easy to move a heavy load. Hands-on activities like the ones Mr. Kozan designed help PCRS children learn about “real world” applications for science and technology and make learning about how the world works fun.

Kids with pulley Vicky and Victoria Max
Kids Lever

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