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How Homeschooling Parents Can Give Their Kids Athletic Training Without The Public School

Forbes – David Fouse

Most parents are probably preparing to send their kids back to school in the fall and get them out of the house — but not me. I’m a homeschool dad, which means I’m used to having my kids around all the time. And I love it. Between pool time, family vacations, and reading projects, my wife and I use the extra time this summer to plan out our kids’ curriculum for the upcoming fall. It’s a project that’s gotten easier since we started homeschooling our oldest. Thanks to the internet, a whole world of options has opened up to us to help teach and train our children’s minds and souls. Just this past year, for instance, we started using Hillsdale College’s Constitution 101 online course to give our kids a solid grounding in their political birthright as Americans. (more)

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